Crawl Space Damage

Here are 5 things every crawl space should have:

1. Low humidity

2. Proper insulation

3. Active ventilation

4. Moisture barrier

5. No visible mold

Every crawl space is different so reaching these five goals can differ from one home to the other. Some choose to install more fans and more crawl space vents while others choose a dehumidifier and crawl space encapsulation. Some choose to insulate the crawl space while others feel it is not necessary. Discuss the options and come up with a solution that makes sense to you.

Residential Applications

Homeowners choose them to prevent sagging foundations. If you are experiencing cracked foundations or drywall it may be signs that your foundation needs a permanent stability solution.

Commercial Applications

Contractors use our piering systems whenever the soil sample indicates a deep foundation solution. This is required when they want to avoid excavation expenses, such as tilt-up construction.

Industrial Applications

Plant managers love our anchors because of speed in which they are installed. With our system there is minimum impact to daily operations.