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Bowing Retaining Wall Repair

Is your retaining wall bowing and in danger of collapse?
The heavy rain that is common in the Seattle area can make soil unstable, causing retaining walls to bow outward, potentially breaking.

Do you have a bowing retaining wall that is in danger?

Drainage is a very vital feature when it comes to having a successful and supportive retaining wall. These walls play into your plan when it comes to landscape designs. They help to give you privacy, to prevent certain erosion by keeping soil in its place.

What is its main purpose though?

Soil issues and/or poor construction are most often the main culprits that lead to a collapsing retaining wall. This usually happens when the footing toe is just too small or when the wall has not been adequately reinforced. Railroad tie retaining walls can begin to collapse due to wood rot, termites, or general deterioration due to age and weather.

Due to the amount of annual precipitation in the Seattle area, it is recommended that retaining walls are built with drainage “weeps” to mitigate any water accumulation issues. If water accumulates behind the wall, this additional weight can cause clay soils to expand, leading to cracks and tilting.

To fix this, we would be using our wall anchor to reconnect your retaining walls to more stable soil. Once anchored, you will start to see your wall straightening. Our wall anchors are a definite permanent solution, which means that you won’t have to remove or replace them.


These foundation anchors would be installed in an already bowing wall to counteract the pressure that is being forced against that wall. The anchors would be installed on either the inside or the outside of the bowing foundation wall. Present-day anchors can also be installed into the earth without the need for any excavations.

Bracing the walls

This is one of the most in-demand methods of repairing these walls. Bracing the walls involves having the walls reinforced. They may come in the form of carbon fiber strips or steel beams. This provides you with a long-term repair to the wall ensuring its support.

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