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We are passionate about strong foundations and not just structural foundations. Recognizing that our young people are the foundation for a strong future, we partner with a local organization getting kids off the street. Globally, we support several orphanages in Ukraine and Kenya. When you choose to do business with us, you support this work as well. Come join us!
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CEO & Founder Seattle Foundation Repairs

Seattle Foundation Repair is the leader in the foundation repair industry. Our dedicated team of professionals has a combined experience of over 50 years in the construction industry with a focus on foundations. We use the latest premier technology available on the market and specialize in steel push piers and helical piers, waterproofing, and concrete lifting and leveling using Polyfoam. Partnering with a major global network with over 300 plus dealers, we are ready to tackle any project for you locally and abroad. And we do so with a commitment of doing things right – from your initial contact with us, inspection and pre-project planning, through to project completion, you will experience the Seattle Foundation Repair difference!

Republic Pilgrim

We have been serving street kids and orphans for over 20 years.

About Our Piers

Our helical piers and piles are suitable for residential and commercial applications. They are routinely used to seal the smallest cracked wall, provide a solid, stable platform for industrial-grade towers, support boardwalks in dry or wetlands, deep foundation piers for new construction, and underpinning for existing buildings. PierTech Systems is the manufacturer of choice for engineers throughout the world.

Using ground-breaking, patented technology, PierTech Systems manufacturers its own line of helical piers, piles, anchors, and helical piering accessories. Our piers are available in both round and square shafts and are available in numerous diameters. All of our products are backed by the PierTech System’s commitment to performance and reliability.

For Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals have very unique needs in this industry. Our team understands that because of the Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act, a home in need of a basement waterproofing system may not sell very well or one that requires structural foundation repair may not sell at all. Since many of the issues we repair are required to be disclosed to potential home buyers, realtors may need to discount homes that have structural issues in order to sell the house.


We want to help you make the sale and we have a dedicated Real Estate Division that works with professionals in the real estate industry. Whether you’re needing a waterproofing system installed, a foundation repaired, or a crawl space encapsulated, our team is here to help. We can provide:

  • Free written estimates for homeowners as well as homes under contract
  • Fully transferable warranties
  • A dedicated department to help the real estate industry

Ensuring these problems are taken care of before or during the negotiations can help increase the resale value of any home, especially ones with structural and water problems that are required to be disclosed to the new buyers.


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